Living Well: A Women's Wellness Encounter

Join us for our 2012 Event!
River Falls High School Commons Area
Thursday, November 8, 2012 ~ 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
For information call Horizon Family Chiropractic at 715-426-4774

Our annual women's wellness event continues to evolve and grow! Now in its sixth year, we expect this year's event will be the best and biggest ever! More time, more space, and more vendors combine to bring you a superior women’s wellness experience! For our 2012 event, attendees will enjoy an evening like no other. Get ready to transform your life as Horizon Family Chiropractic hosts an evening of total wellness...mind, body and spirit!

With educational presentations, health-focused vendors, and refreshments. Plus...prizes totaling over $3,000 will be given away during the event!

Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends! You won't want to miss this total wellness experience!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Class Preview: Why Are You Still Working Out Like a Man?

Women and men are built physically different - right? Yet we still workout in the traditional male fitness style - rigid and linear. Our bodies are built to move in a circular, flowing manner. We invite you to join Katherine Fossler of Lady Katherine to learn first hand how natural, effective and efficient working out like a woman can be. Did I mention that it is also totally fun and empowering too? Best of all, it delivers fast results to your “problem areas”!

Class Preview: Detox & Lose Weight the Healthy Way

FACT: 50% of American women, ages 20-74, are overweight or obese.

Chances are that you will struggle with weight gain at some point in your life.

Today's fad diets are responsible for damaging the metabolism of millions of women, making them more fat than ever! On top of that the thousands of environmental toxins we're bombarded with further damage our metabolism and give our bodies messages to hold on to body fat.

Dieting the wrong way can make you fatter in the end and have negative effects on cardiovascular health, blood sugar handling, energy levels, mood, and even hormone levels.

Learn the secrets to unlocking your fat stores and revealing the real you!

Class Preview: Here Comes the Sun

As you are seeing, we have a wide variety of vendors and workshops planned for our November 4 event! A highlight of the evening will surely be Dr. Amy Schreiner, founder of Horizon Family Chiropractic. An active advocate for the health of women and children, Dr. Amy is often found sharing her wellness vision with local women’s groups, businesses and civic organizations. At this year’s Living Well event, attendees can experience her powerful and uplifting workshop, “Here Comes the Sun”.

"It's never too late to start." How many times have we all heard that, yet how many times do we actually believe it and begin? Well, this is your chance. Dr. Amy Schreiner of Horizon Family Chiropractic is excited to present an overview of the benefits of healthy living starting from the very first days of your life. Ask anyone of an older generation and they will confirm what Dr. Amy sees all too often. People tend to spend the first 40 years of their life planning to do something about their health, and the last 40 years wishing they would have.

Don't let this be you! Everyone deserves to be healthy and vibrant, so why not start sooner than later. Join us for this inspiring presentation and find out how you can start you and your entire family off on a journey to wellness!

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

We're very excited to share with you the amazing prizes, totaling over $6000, that will be given away at this week's event! You won't want to miss it!

Horizon Family Chiropractic/Massage Concepts
1 Progressive Wellness Plan (26 chiropractic office visits), 1 Massage Concepts “Peace” Massage package (2 massages monthly + 2 additional massages within 12 month period), and 1 month supply of pharmaceutical grade multivitamins for the whole family! A $2060 value!

Horizon Family Chiropractic
Physician supervised detoxification program evaluation & plan, 1 canister UltraClear Plus (substitution may be made at doctor’s discretion), before and after health screen. A $250 value!

Anytime Fitness
(3) One month memberships
including t-shirts

Crabbee Apple Massage
(4) One hour massage

Curves for Women
6 month membership & $30 joiner fee

Earth Mother Midwife
$200 gift certificate towards pregnancy
or well-women servies

Desol Honey Farm
Honey Basket

Finesse Personal Fitness
(4) One hour training sessions

I Can Do It Myself – Brain Gym with Jaime Rambo
2 Brain Gym consultations & book of affirmations

Inspiring Actions Yoga
1 month unlimited yoga, Inspiring Actions T-Shirt, Tote, & DVD

Irie Massage
(2) 90 minute Ultimate Massage

Lady Katherine
Gift certificate & tank top

La Femme Jolie Boudoir Photography
$200 gift certificate

Lori’s Salon & Day Spa
Lori’s signature facial & make-up application

HypnoBirthing class

Norwex Enviro Products
Fall cleaning package (Antibac Enviro Cloth & Polishing Cloth & Dust Mitt)

Soulspring Empowerment Groups
Group Starter Package including (6) one year memberships + Soulspring journals + a professional Soulspring facilitator to kick off your 1st group meeting (within a 60 mile radius)! A $1,000 value!

Sunrise Healing Arts
6 session punch card

Whole Food Grocery
(3) $20 gift certificates

Food Basket & product voucher

YMCA-River Falls
(2) 3 One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Class Preview: Body – Heal Thyself: The Awakening of Our Internal Powers of Healing

“When the mind is peaceful, inner energies wake up and work miracles for us – without any conscious effort on our part.” ~Deepak Chopra

We are energy. From conception to the present moment, everything we experience in our lives is held in our energy field and when we experience stress, whether it is physical or emotional, our fields become compromised causing dis-ease within our bodies.

Join Connie Herris of Sunrise Healing Arts for this enlightening class and explore different ways to awaken your inner energies to help your body heal thyself.