Living Well: A Women's Wellness Encounter

Join us for our 2012 Event!
River Falls High School Commons Area
Thursday, November 8, 2012 ~ 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
For information call Horizon Family Chiropractic at 715-426-4774

Our annual women's wellness event continues to evolve and grow! Now in its sixth year, we expect this year's event will be the best and biggest ever! More time, more space, and more vendors combine to bring you a superior women’s wellness experience! For our 2012 event, attendees will enjoy an evening like no other. Get ready to transform your life as Horizon Family Chiropractic hosts an evening of total wellness...mind, body and spirit!

With educational presentations, health-focused vendors, and refreshments. Plus...prizes totaling over $3,000 will be given away during the event!

Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends! You won't want to miss this total wellness experience!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Class Preview: Oh No, Not You Too! 5 Ways Women Sabotage their Power

Have you been giving 110% at work, but still feel something missing in your career? Have you been trying to eat right and exercise, but still aren’t as healthy as you’d like to be? Do you find your personal relationships unfulfilling, even though you give everyone priority over your own needs? Do you sense you have something bigger to offer the world, but don't know where to begin?

In our quest for the life of our dreams, as women we regularly sabotage our own success and empowerment without fully comprehending the consequences of our choices, decisions, and actions. Yes, it happens to the best of us…When it comes to our own happiness, sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Join Soul Sister Kim Beebe, of Soulspring Empowerment Groups for Women and learn the top 5 fundamental mistakes women make that keep them from stepping into their best life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Wildtree

Thanks for checking out Wildtree! My name is Lori Resendiz and I'm very excited to meet you at the Living Well event!

Wildtree is an all natural food company with Expeller Pressed Grapeseed oils, delicious culinary blends, sauces, and some sweets! Many of us do not cook from scratch anymore and let's face it - we are a sauce from a jar, soup from a can, chicken shaking generation. Unfortunately, most packaged foods are expensive, loaded with fats, salts, and preservatives, and not as tasty as homemade.

At Wildtree we want you to feel in control of what's on your plate. We believe in the value of making cooking a quicker, easier, more healthful project for those who are short on time, and a fun, interesting adventure for those who wish to be more creative in the kitchen. I'm a busy mom who works full-time, my husband works nights and we have limited time together as a family. By adding Wildtree to our lives, our family spends more time together, eating healthier meals. The business also provides a nice extra income into our home.

Here are a few highlights about Wildtree that I hope you will remember.
• Wildtree products make it simple to prepare a nutritious great tasting meal in minutes—literally!
• NONE of our products contain additives, preservatives, MSG or foods dyes. (Wildtree can guarantee that because we oversee every step of the process in-house). From research to development, manufacturing to delivery, we seek to provide the best products as well as the quality service our customers deserve.
• Our products are delicious. I want you to experience for yourself how tasty our products are. Stop by and taste some of our products. I'd love to give you more information or schedule a tasting with you.

For more information, visit

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Lady Katherine

Lady Katherine 'women's fitness with a touch of sass' is a safe, supportive, female-only studio where women come to get fit. While they are creating strong, firm bodies in a fun, positive environment, they are also making friends and reconnecting with their 'feminine essence'.

Student Testimonial "I just wanted to share with you some results I have noticed. Before taking classes with Lady Katherine I took my weight and measurements. In 8 weeks of taking classes (without changing my diet) I have lost 6.5 lbs and a total of 11 inches all over my body! The biggest loss was around my belly button with 4" gone! I am so impressed I can't wait to see what results the next 8 weeks will bring to me. Thank you for the support and wonderful environment you provide to students to reshape their bodies and lives." Michelle, Hudson, WI

We have fitness classes for every fitness level, make and model. Our more traditional fitness classes include
Abs & Booty, Body Booty Camp. In these classes we use weights, therabands and work on the mat to trim, tone, shape and firm your entire body. We do not use any filler moves - every move counts and makes a difference. Your exercise investment is valuable and we do not waste your time, energy or money. You leave class knowing that you worked hard! That's why students experience fast, effective results.

Our alternative fitness classes include Pole Dance and Signature, which is Exotic Dance for fitness. These classes work with the natural design of a woman's body, using smooth, circular, flowing movements much like belly dance to simultaneously engage multiple muscle groups creating an extremely effective workout targeting the typical female areas of concern - muffin tops, back breasts, tummy pouches, saddle bags and more. Because this is a new way of working out for most ladies the results come fast and right where you want them.

We also have the best parties! Our pole dance parties are a safe, affordable and super fun alternative to celebrating your special event or girls night out at the bar. We do a strip tease out of a man's dress shirt, then go to the pole for a complete pole routine. You bring the ladies - we bring the fun!!!! Full details at our website.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Kangen Water

Are you drinking water that supports wellness, or water that is aging you with acid?

Change your body by drinking Kangen™ Water. Kangen™ Water is produced through ionization, which alters its structure and characteristics to make it more supportive of wellness.

Drink Kangen™ Water for:
(1) Increased Hydration - smaller water clusters are better able to penetrate the cellular membranes, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal,
(2) For Balanced Body pH – Alkaline water balances the body’s pH by neutralizing acids and toxins,
(3) For Increased Blood Oxygenation – stable oxygen not only heightens mental alertness, it invigorates and energizes the body, and
(4) For Its Potent Antioxidant Ability.

Stop buying acidic drinks and unhealthy bottled waters and give your body the true source of water it needs.

With Kangen ™ Water Electrolysis process, you can also change your life style by becoming eco-friendly. With a touch of a button, you can easily and efficiently produce water that has the power to both clean and disinfect. Kangen™ Water can be drawn in an unlimited amount, directly from your kitchen faucet.

Change Your Water… Change Your Body…Change Your Life!

Contact Us Today:
Rhonda Schuster 612-598-2972
Tami Heimerl 715-441-2849
Wanda Perley: 715-425-7714
Cecile Ormston: 612-819-4155

Kangen™ Water Systems by Enagic USA, Inc.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Soulspring Empowerment Groups for Women

We’re three sisters on a mission to empower and inspire women everywhere to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. Our story is probably not unlike your own; a tug at the heartstring, a feeling of wanting more from life, a desire to fulfill a divine purpose. It was these relentless yearnings that inspired the concept of our #1 passion, Soulspring Groups.

At Soulspring Groups our mission is to provide an avenue of support and inspiration; a network of confidants and empowerment tools, that when combined, provide the motivation you’ve been looking for to bring your passions to the surface!

So, what is a Soulspring Group? As women, instinct tells us that connecting with other women is key to clarifying our life’s direction. We are after all, creatures of the spoken word. Imagine harnessing what comes so natural to us, to empower ourselves to be, do and give more!

Soulspring Groups are small groups of women, usually 8-12 in size, of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, who meet monthly for the purpose of learning, teaching, supporting and empowering. This is not your typical motivational seminar, nor is this a networking group or book club. This is a personal coaching experience like no other.

Your Soulspring membership grants you access to our member’s only website and a variety of unique and valuable support and learning tools and resources. By following our curriculum, or a unique development plan based on the interests of your group, each meeting takes you closer to realizing your life purpose, dreams and goals.

We have empowerment meetings taking place monthly in living rooms, community centers, restaurants and conference rooms! The benefits of this unique approach include new levels of personal empowerment and confidence, and heightened levels of knowledge and awareness, in a trusting, non-competitive, small group setting.

We look forward to meeting you all at Living Well and sharing more about this unique personal development opportunity! Please stop by our booth where we’ll be inspiring each attendee with their own “Power” pin! In the meantime, visit our website, interact with our powered up community on Facebook, or read our thoughts (and occasional rants) on the Soul Sisters Blog.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Curves for Women

Women are in search of a time-efficient workout that is convenient, customized and achieves results. The Curves 30-minute Complete Workout provides the solution! Our hydraulic resistance strength training machines allow you to perform cardiovascular and strength training at the same time. Curves helps you achieve your individual fitness goals, while burning up to 500 calories per workout and overloading every major muscle group. For 30 minutes you move around the circuit, changing stations every 30 seconds. You don’t need to rush to a specific class or worry about a time schedule. When you show up your individualized workout begins. Just jump in anywhere you see an open station and move at the same time and in the same direction as everyone else. In just 30 minutes, you can accomplish a total body workout, while accomplishing your fitness goals and achieving results.

HYDRAULIC RESISTANCE The unique features of hydraulic resistance make it possible to perform strength and cardiovascular training at the same time. With hydraulic resistance exercise, you are moving fluid. This is similar to aquatic exercise and is inherently safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. There are no weight stacks to manage or repetitions to count. In conventional gyms, up to 85 percent of injuries occur during the eccentric contraction (the lowering of the weight). With a double positive workout, you never lower the weight: you push and pull. You push forward with one muscle group and pull back with the opposing muscle group. This intensity easily elevates and sustains your target hear rate. By working muscle groups that oppose each other, you also work muscles symmetrically or in balance. This aligns the muscular-skeletal system to improve functional posture and movement. Several of our machines are single positive and work in only one direction to effectively target specific muscle groups.

Research shows that combining strength training at Curves with a high protein diet and the right types of carbohydrates results in 95% of the weight loss coming from fat. Join us for a FREE Weight Management Class. Call us at 715.425.2242 for times and dates. We look forward to continuing our mission to STRENGTHEN WOMEN OF OUR COMMUNITY.

Vendor Spotlight: La Femme Jolie Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography.

One of two things usually come to someone’s mind when they hear those words. The first is “What on earth is THAT?”, or second “oh, I’m …too old/too heavy/not that kind of girl. etc”.

Well, ladies, let me tell you otherwise! We ALL have beauty that has perhaps, just been forgotten. It is buried beneath the endless “to do” list, kids, work, housework, etc, etc. It never stops! But…beneath it all, in each and every one of us, is a beautiful woman waiting to have her day in the spotlight, and THAT is what boudoir photography is all about. No matter your size, shape or age, it IS for you. It’s transforming and empowering. It’s about not only being beautiful, but FEELING beautiful again. It is a confidence booster and oh so good for the self esteem. I know because I am not only a boudoir photographer and see it happen to women all the time, I too have had my own session with my favorite photographer.

So what is a session like? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be. What is your definition of beautiful? Sweet and innocent, glamorous, spicy and sexy, or maybe even pin-up style from the 40’s? First we start off with the pampering….a glass of champagne, professional makeup and hairstylists, and then comes the fun talking about what you will wear (or not wear as the case may be). One of the questions I hear most often is “how will I know what to do in front of the camera?”, and that’s where I come in. Through careful posing, lighting and coaching the whole time, I guarantee you will end up with images both you and the man in your life will adore.

Private sessions are available, as well as parties (regular portrait parties, or boudoir portrait parties), which are just a ton of fun! This can be your own little secret if you want, but you owe it to yourself to feel good in your own skin. To quote a woman who recently experienced the rejuvenation of a boudoir session, “A glance at the book’s narrow spine is all I need in the middle of a long afternoon of helping with homework and managing squabbles to remember that there’s more to me than what my beloved kids, spread all around me, see.”

Check out my website, and I’ll see you at the Living Well event!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We are thrilled to announce our 2010 list of participating vendors!

Your hosts – Horizon Family Chiropractic
Anytime Fitness
Bee Bars
Crabbee Apple Massage
Curves for Women
Desol Honey Farm
Earth Mother Midwife
Finesse Personal Training
I Can Do It Myself - Brain Gym with Jaime Rambo
Inspiring Actions Yoga
Irie Massage
Kangen Water - Rhonda Schuster
Lady Katherine
La Femme Jolie Boudoir Photography
Lori's Salon & Day Spa
Massage Concepts
Norwex Enviro Products - Marilyn Jones & Terri Cook
Soulspring Empowerment Groups for Women
Sunrise Healing Arts
Tai Chi with Mark Tomlinson
Whole Earth Grocery
Wildtree - Lori Resendiz
YMCA - River Falls

There is sure to be a little something for everyone! Join us for demonstrations, classes, samples, and FUN all in the name of wellness!
You won't want to miss it!